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About the Universal Pre-Kindergarten program:

The Watervliet Universal Pre-Kindergarten program is collaboration between the Watervliet City School District, and Albany Community Action Partnership.

Classrooms: The Watervliet CSD currently operates four full day UPK classrooms. The classrooms are located at Watervliet Elementary School and employ Head Start teachers. The UPK staff are NYS certified pre-K teachers and certified teacher assistants. All four rooms are supervised by the WCSD Universal Pre-Kindergarten Director.

Funding: The UPK program offers free access to a high-quality, full day, early education program for all eligible children. Funding for the UPK program is provided by New York State, enabling children to participate in this excellent educational program. The curriculum is aligned with New York State standards and our local kindergarten curriculum. Before and after-care is available on a fee basis through local community agencies.

Eligibility: Per regulation, for a child to be eligible to attend the UPK program his or her family must live in the Watervliet City School District. Children must be four years old by December 1 of the year they are enrolled in the program, but may not yet be 5 years old by this date.

Calendar: All four UPK classes follow the Watervliet City School District calendar, including any unplanned school closings or delays.

Enrollment/Registration: Enrollment for the program begins in the spring of the preceding year. A notice announcing registration dates will be sent home from the Elementary School and also be posted on the school website and VLT (the local access channel) in early March. 2015-16 application form

Selection Process: If more than applications are received than available slots, a lottery will be implemented and applicants will be randomly selected by lottery. The process will continue until all slots are filled or until the list of applicants is exhausted. A waiting list will be maintained with any students not making the initial list. All parties will be notified of their acceptance by June.

If you have any further questions please contact the Universal Pre-Kindergarten office at (518) 629-3263.

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David Wareing, UPK Director dwareing@vliet.neric.org

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Jill OConnell, Secretary joconnel@vliet.neric.org

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