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Seventh-graders portray famous scientists for first-time project  

picture of students presenting at grade 7 living wax museum

picture of student presenting at grade 7 living wax museum

Grade 7 presented its first Scientist Living Wax Museum in November.

Grade 7 Science Living Wax Museum a success!


Grade 7 science students took on the persona of famous scientists throughout history in a Living Wax Museum in November. A Living Wax Museum is similar to a real wax museum in that visitors can come and learn about a variety of famous people.

To prepare for the Living Wax Museum, seventh-graders identified significant contributions of a famous scientist from past or present, including biologists, physicists and inventors. The students worked either in pairs or independently to research the life of the scientist and then wrote a summary of the important facts associated with their chosen figure. On the day of the event, students shared the information they had learned with visitors to the museum.

Some students dressed in costume to tell the scientist’s life story and accomplishments in the first person, while others acted as a museum docent. Museum visitors had an opportunity to meet Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Pierre and Marie Curie, Henry Ford, Jane Goodall, Bill Nye, Carl Sagan and many other experts in the field of science

“All of our students put a great deal of effort into this project,” said Ashleigh Fraley, grade 7 science teacher. “It paid off because we received a lot of positive feedback from the teachers, staff members and families who visited the museum. The students did a great job!”

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